Set dental hemostatic Geoblock DENT


the Appointment

Set dental hemostatic «Geoblock DENT» is used to stop capillary bleeding after tooth extraction, removal of stones, treatment of dental pits and after removing the casts, and also at bleedings from the gums in the cervical region, apical and gingival bleeding

the Composition and main properties

The main component of the material «Geoblock DENT» – incomplete silver salt of polyacrylic acid. Properties of the drug: local hemostatic, bactericidal and bacteriostatic, analgesic weak. Haemostatic action is due to the formation on the wound surface insoluble polymeric complex. Silver nanoparticles have strong antimicrobial properties against most pathogens.

«Geoblock DENT» non-toxic, does not show irritating, toxic, resorptive actions, has no adverse effects on contact with tissue. the the Solution does not require rinsing. has No age restrictions. The hemostatic effect is achieved quickly, re-bleeding are absent.

The result of using «Geoblock dent» on createcase wound is to stop capillary bleeding with the formation of a smooth elastic surface – convenient field for further treatment.

the Method applications

the Bleeding from the gums.

Using a pipette to moisten the pellets and pressed against the bleeding surface. Wait 1 to 2 minutes. Does not require additional rinsing

the Apical bleeding.

Carefully apply one or more drops of solution into the cavity using a pipette or a cotton turundas (2-5 drops per application). Does not require additional rinsing.

the Retraction of the gums.

To enter the retraction thread (not soaked) in a furrow. Then soak the thread with a few drops of the solution. Leave the thread for 1-2 minutes, after that thread you can remove, or leave in the groove to the end of the manipulation.

the mold release

— liquid (bottle with lid – pipette), 15 ml.

— cotton pellets, 1 pkg.

— instruction manual, 1 PC.

the storage Conditions

Store in dry dark place under temperature from +5°C to +20°C
Shelf life — 2 years.