Tool hemostatic Geoblock

the General information

«Geoblock®» is a local gemostatikam and registered in the Russian Federation as medical products (medical product). Used in clinical practice as a hemostatic and antiseptic. Used in the treatment of wound surfaces during surgical procedures and postsurgical procedures (dressings, treatment of wounds, cuts and seams).

the Composition

Incomplete silver salt of polyacrylic acid, contains silver nanoparticles.

the mold release

Bottles of 100 ml of 1% solution. Sterile.

the drug Action

Local krovoostanavlivayuschee, bactericidal and bacteriostatic. «Geoblock®» forms a clot with blood plasma proteins (mainly albumin). During the formation of the polymer complex occurs hemostasis. Silver nanoparticles possess bactericidal activity against most known pathogens.

the drug

Externally. Moisten a sterile cotton or gauze pads and applied to createcase pre-dried surface of the wound. With weak bleeding on a large wound surfaces (eg, burns, postoperative dressings) recommended the use of the drug in the form of a spray. The hemostatic effect is achieved within 1-2 minutes.

the Indications for use

Parenchymal and capillary bleeding: surgical operations, including those on parenchymatous organs, trauma, wounds, burns.

the Contraindications

Cannot be used with aminocaproic acid.

the Possible side effects

Is not installed.

the storage Conditions

The shelf life is 2 years from the date of issue. Store in a cool, dry place at temperatures between +5°C to +20°C, protect from light.


the Benefits of the drug «Geoblock®»:

    • the

    • Combines a hemostatic and antiseptic action.


    • has No adverse effects on the adjoining tissue. The drug is pH-neutral — does not have a cauterizing, astringent or irritating.


    • does Not affect the function of systemic hemostasis.


    • does Not lead to thrombosis.


    • With surgical intervention with the use of the drug «Geoblock®» in the postoperative period is not observed increase in ESR and white blood cells.


    • Wounds heal by primary intention a seam without suppuration.


    • Acts in violation of blood coagulation system (hemophilia, etc.).


    • has No age restrictions.


    • When processing the wound stops bleeding by forming a smooth elastic surface – convenient field for further manipulation.


  • Hemostatic effect is achieved in 1-2 minutes. Repeated bleeding do not exist.

the applications:

«Geoblock®» is used in various surgical operations, including abdominal operations on parenchymatous organs, cardio and vascular surgery, burn surgery, maxillofacial and plastic surgery, traumatology, otolaryngology, urology, dentistry, ophthalmology, and postoperative care.